[plt-scheme] DrScheme print preferences

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Feb 14 16:47:56 EST 2009

On Feb 14, Marc L. Smith wrote:
> DrScheme is installed on the (Debian) Linux workstations in our
> computer labs. Each student logs into his/her own account.
> The "Destination" preference defaults to "Preview",
> the "Print Command:" text field defaults to "lpr" and
> the "Preview Command:" text field defaults to "gv".
> DrScheme apparently doesn't inherit the environment of the login
> shell that it launches from, because printouts don't go to the
> default printer set by the student login accounts.

It sounds like the students have these settings in some environment
like Gnome -- whereas DrScheme just uses `lpr' by default.  You can
try getting the student environment to have a `PRINTER' environment
variable set to the name of the printer, which makes `lpr' use that
printer by default.  (I don't know of a value that will make it use a
file by default -- that might depend on whatever variant of `lpr' you

> We tried adding the "-Pprinter" option to the print command, and
> that works, but DrScheme only remembers this for the current
> session. The next time DrScheme is launched, the print command
> reverts to "lpr" without the printer flag.

IIRC, setting `PRINTER' is the same as using the `-P' flag.

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