[plt-scheme] Re: Math prerequisites for SICP

From: mike (anesward at mac.com)
Date: Sat Feb 14 11:22:48 EST 2009

I am presently studying both htdp and sicp, they both complement each
other and
a course on cs offered at ucberk. has video lectures located at
acedemicearth.org. which focuses on sicp.
The concrete abstractions can be downloaded for free and i did browse
through parts
of the book but I believe that the 3 sources will lead to info
overload and will
dramatically slow the pace of learning. So my advice is to stick with
at most
2 references.

On Feb 12, 2:52 am, Andrei Estioco <chadesti... at gmail.com> wrote:
> How much math do I need to know to understand SICP? We used HtDP last
> semester (June-October '08) although we skipped the parts that required some
> actual math, especially calculus. We focused more on the "algorithm" aspect
> of the book.
> I've leafed through the first few pages of SICP and found out that it
> tackled the big O way earlier that HtDP. We touched big O lightly last
> semester. How much math do I need to understand this?
>  We only started on calculus this semester (November '08 - March '09). As of
> this writing our current topic is the definite integral. Is that enough (for
> the big O and everything else SICP) ?
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