[plt-scheme] Math prerequisites for SICP

From: Andrei Estioco (chadestioco at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 14 00:24:31 EST 2009

Thanks. I'll work on my math and the math-HtDP first as Mr. Felleisen
suggested. However, I would like to ask your opinon on another Scheme book.
You see, along with HtDP and SICP, my computer science instructor used a
book called *Concrete Abstractions*. He said that it can be used as an
intermediary between HtDP and SICP.

What's your opinion regarding *Concrete Abstractions*? Do you think it is
possible for me to tackle that as well given my current mathematical

Thanks in advance,

Chad Estioco
BS Computer Science
University of the Philippines-Diliman
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