[plt-scheme] Deserialization error

From: "M. Fatih Köksal" (fkoksal at cs.bilgi.edu.tr)
Date: Wed Feb 11 08:48:21 EST 2009

Matthew Flatt wrote:
> I agree, but I haven't been able to recreate the problem...
> Can you provide step-by-step instructions for arraiving at the error?

Here it is.


After setting up screen-replay, open DrScheme and type something. This
will record the keystrokes and write it to a file. Then try to
deserialize it by running deserialize-example.scm . You will get the error.

By the way, it works fine with prefab.


> I expect that you're organizing the code among module in a different
> way that I was trying, or you're using a different REPL or using it in
> a different way than I was trying.
> Thanks,
> Matthew

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