[plt-scheme] Deserialization error

From: "M. Fatih Köksal" (fkoksal at cs.bilgi.edu.tr)
Date: Tue Feb 10 12:42:35 EST 2009

Hi again,

After the discussion on "Log every change in Definitions and
Interactions"[1] mails, we started to implement the screen-replay tool.
We are facing some problems while deserializing our structure;

We have this serializable structure exported by record.ss

(module record mzscheme
  (require scheme/serialize)
  (provide record make-record record-timestamp record-operation
record-start record-len record-content)
  (define-serializable-struct record (timestamp operation start len

Then we serialize the keystrokes and write it to a file


(define (serialize-record rec)
		(lambda ()
			(begin  (display (serialize rec))
				(display "\n")))

Here are some example lines from the file fatih.record;

((1) 1 (((lib screen-replay/record.ss) . deserialize-info:record-v0)) 0
() () (0 1234286023 insert 0 1 (u . a)))
((1) 1 (((lib screen-replay/record.ss) . deserialize-info:record-v0)) 0
() () (0 1234286023 insert 1 1 (u . s)))
((1) 1 (((lib screen-replay/record.ss) . deserialize-info:record-v0)) 0
() () (0 1234286024 insert 2 1 (u . d)))

We are able to read the lines from the file, but deserializing gives
this error;

> (deserialize (with-input-from-file "/tmp/fatih.record" read 'binary))

standard-module-name-resolver: expected argument of type <module-path or
path>; given

Any comments?

[1] 	http://list.cs.brown.edu/pipermail/plt-scheme/2009-January/029941.html

M. Fatih Köksal
İstanbul Bilgi University
Computer Science Department

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