[plt-scheme] New plt-dev mailing list

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Feb 5 15:59:19 EST 2009

In the interests of making the PLT Scheme development process more
open to contributors, we've created a new mailing list, called
"plt-dev", for implementation and development discussion.  This new
list will be aimed at people who are interested in contributing to PLT
Scheme, or who are interested in the implementation of PLT Scheme.  In
addition, the release process will happen on this list so you can
follow that and perhaps try release candidates too.

However, the new list is not for general discussion of Scheme, PLT
Scheme, or programming -- such discussions should stay on the
plt-scheme list.  As examples, these thread are excellent candidates
for plt-dev:


but these threads should stay on plt-scheme:


Anyone is welcome to lurk on the plt-dev list (and a gmane.org mirror
should be available soon too), but we ask that you keep messages on it
on-topic, since this is the list which we use for the PLT Scheme
development work.

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