[plt-scheme] AI Algorithms in PLT-Scheme

From: Michael H. Coen (mhcoen at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Feb 4 18:00:50 EST 2009

Howdy folks,

I'm teaching the Introduction to AI course at UW-Madison this term.
Given my nostalgia for SICP and the passing of 6.001, I decided to
introduce Scheme and functional programming into the curriculum.
Reaction has been very positive among the students.  As GJS says,
there is no need to teach Scheme; it teaches itself.  Thus, I'm
avoiding the libraries as much as is practical and taking a
traditional SICP minimalist approach; namely, if you want it, write it

Now, to be a hypocrite: I'm surprised there isn't more didactic
software available for classroom use.  For example, it's easy to find
ID3 code for every language from Haskell to Lisp, but alas, no Scheme
version?  Of course, it's not hard to write, but I'm a bit surprised
there isn't an AI code repository.  Perhaps I'm not finding it?  Yes,
I can write whatever I need, but at some point, it becomes something
of a timesink.  It'd also be nifty if some of these algorithms had
whizzbang graphical output, which adds to the implementation time.
(Students like eye candy.)

So, if I'm missing something obvious, please do let me know.  And as
I'm a recent convert from MIT Scheme -- I just couldn't fathom forcing
the students to learn Edwin -- be gentle with the PLT-noob.

In addition to replying here, please email me any responses to mhcoen
&at& cs.wisc.edu, as this list gets a bit more traffic than I can keep
up with.

Michael Coen

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