[plt-scheme] Compiling Fluxus

From: Filipe Cabecinhas (filcab at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 1 17:40:28 EST 2009

Hi all,

I'm trying to experiment with fluxus, but I can't use it in mac or linux.

In the Mac, I have every library installed through MacPorts and PLT
Scheme from svn. The dynamic loader needs DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH set, which
is not a problem, but then it just yields a bus error (valgrind is not
a great help in debugging that, either), no other output.

In Linux, I have a 32-bit Ubuntu, with every library installed through
synaptic except PLT Scheme (source tarball + install).

It compiles (after adding some #includes :s) but then, when I'm trying
to run it:
anog at ubuntu:~$ fluxus
#f::0: compile: unbound identifier (and no #%app syntax transformer is
bound) at: define in: (define fluxus-collects-location
anog at ubuntu:~$

any clues?



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