[plt-scheme] The Scheme way of: Using 'global' variables ?

From: Amit Saha (lists.amitsaha at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Aug 16 11:29:28 EDT 2009

Hello all,

After C/Java/Python, I have been exclusively using Scheme (plt-scheme) 
for my day-day programming fun. Now, I have started facing situations 
where I simply am not sure the correct way to do something in Scheme. 
The latest case was something like this:

I needed to use a 'global' identifier in my program, where I had some 
procedures,  couple of which needed R/W access respectively and I wanted 
the value to persist for the lifetime of the program- just the way it 
happens for variables you define at the topmost level in say, C.

So, what I did in scheme is- I just defined using (define var 0) and 
used (set!..) to change value in one procedure and used the identifier 
name itself in some other procedure.

For eg,


(define var 0)

(define (proc1) (set! var (+ 1 var)))

; some other procs
; in
; between

(define (proc2) (display var))


But, I think this is not the way this should be done in Scheme, because 
global variables is just calling for trouble in large programs. At the 
same time, I am not sure how to achieve the same thing in a better way, 
if there is one..

PS: plt-scheme just has the necessary batteries to get started easily in 
Scheme :)

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

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