[plt-scheme] lambda calculus

From: Chris Stephenson (cs at cs.bilgi.edu.tr)
Date: Tue Aug 11 02:07:41 EDT 2009

Matthias Felleisen wrote:
> Barendregt, The Lambda Calculus, 1980 is the source of all things LC for
> a logician. Don't let the prerequisites turn you off.

For a student with an exam at the end of the week (the situation of the
original enquirer) Barendregt's own short version, available on the web,
may be an easier starting point (and it is on the reading list of the
course in question).


But Barendregt's trick of renaming all bound variables to have different
names from all free variables simplifies some proofs, but obscures the
issue of scope for those who interested in Lambda calculus as a model
for programming languages.

Chris Stephenson

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