[plt-scheme] error building plt-4.2.1

From: YC (yinso.chen at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Aug 8 04:50:57 EDT 2009

Hi -

I am encountering error of building plt 4.2.1 that says the following in the
make install step:

omitted-paths: given directory path is not in any collection root:

 === context ===
/../tmp/plt-4.2.1/collects/scheme/private/more-scheme.ss:396:13: hash-ref!
/../tmp/plt-4.2.1/collects/setup/setup-unit.ss:233:2: planet->cc
/../tmp/plt-4.2.1/collects/scheme/list.ss:243:4: loop

It seems that the setup-plt tries to build my development linked packages,
and since they are linked packages they do not belong in a collection root.

How should I get around this issue?  I am on CentOS5.1 if that makes a
difference.  Thanks,
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