[plt-scheme] Re: Getting started with Scheme: How can I improve my code for generating prime numbers?

From: Phil Bewig (pbewig at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 7 06:35:05 EDT 2009

When you are ready for more, you can look at the exercises on my blog
http://programmingpraxis.com.  All the solutions are given in Scheme.  One
of the exercises is a Sieve of Eratosthenes.

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 3:52 PM, SiWi <wimmersimon at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Thank you for your hints and tips first of all. As I've been on
> holiday the last days, I had no internet access and couln't reply to
> your posts therefore.
> > Question is what is your goal?
> >   -- functional programming per se (as a philosopher, I would have to
> > question if it exists)
> >   -- Scheme programming in a functional way?
> >   -- Scheme programming in the 'best' possible way?
> >         -- best could mean 'fastest' (as you saw Eli's program is faster
> > than yours)
> >         -- best could mean 'suitable for proving theorems automatically'
> >         -- and many more things
> My goal is functional programming in genreral and Scheme programming
> in the 'best' way. I'd also be interested in where exactly the
> differences between 'best' Scheme programming( where 'best' would
> rever to a mixture between speed and idiomatic Scheme programming) and
> 'best' functional programming style can be found.
> On a sidenote, I want to use the primes code to try out a few project
> euler problems with Scheme to get started with the language.
> Therefore speed matters a bit, but of course it should not be the
> world's most efficient prime numbers generator. :)
> > So the last question is:
> >   -- perhaps you really want to learn to program in PLT Scheme so
> > that you can see what
> >        elegant lazy functional programmers do,
> >        strict lazy programmers,
> >        OO programmers,
> >        logic programmers,
> >        and imperative programmers
> > without ever leaving the language.
> My main goal is to learn something new, not only PLT-Schme, but also
> about programming styles in general.
> Therefore I want to learn coding in Scheme in general, but I'm also
> interested in strict lazy and logic programming.
> I've done enough OO and imperative programming in other languages so
> I'm not really interested in that at the moment, although I would like
> to learn about this in Scheme as well.
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