[plt-scheme] XML ease of use

From: Eddie Sullivan (eddieSull at hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 4 14:25:14 EDT 2009

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From: "Dave Gurnell" <d.j.gurnell at gmail.com>
> Just the bit I know about:
> There's an xml-match in WebIt (on PLaneT). Not sure if it's up-to-date
> for PLT 4.

Ah, that must be where the idea got into my head from. I guess if I'm going 
the xexpr route, it's a moot point, though.

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From: "Jay McCarthy" <jay.mccarthy at gmail.com>
> The xexpr syntax drops the prologs, misc entries, and p-is. Those are
> all at the top though, so you can recover them fairly easily.

Ok, sounds like that's the way to go then. Thanks all for the quick replies.

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