[plt-scheme] Re: list output

From: -gary- (gary.dunne1 at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 29 14:57:41 EDT 2009

Thank you Thomas.

It seems that I don't need the parentheses around the parameters.
I have now changed it to:
- (append list1 list2 )
which seems to fit better with my other procedure calls.  This is
still not appending though.  I can output both lists separately and
got what I expected so the lists seem to be valid.  I can't see
anything else that is wrong here.

On Apr 29, 2:31 pm, Thomas Chust <ch... at web.de> wrote:
> 2009-04-29 -gary- <gary.dun... at gmail.com>:
> > Too few parameters maybe?  I'm not entirely sure.
> > [...]
> Hint: The error message complains that a procedure was expected, but
> something different was found in the operator position of a function
> call.
> So how does a function call look like in Scheme? Check all expressions
> in your program that look like one and ask yourself whether the
> expressions in operator position really evaluate to functions in all
> cases...
> cu,
> Thomas
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