[plt-scheme] Testing procedures using local-expand

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 29 09:10:50 EDT 2009


I'm trying to test a function the uses local-expand. This is somewhat
difficult, as I can't use local-expand outside of a transformer, so I
have to do some hoops to setup a transformer etc. Anyway, I'm getting
an error from my test:

  unet-util-test.ss:8:10: define-syntaxes: bad syntax in:
(define-syntaxes (foo) (syntax-rules () ((foo x) (define x 1))))

This is a perfectly fine expression (I can paste it into a REPL and it
works). So can anyone enlighten me on what is going on?  Code is

First, the function under tests:

;; sort-exprs : (stx-listof stx) -> (values (listof expr) (listof expr))
;; Sort a list of syntax into a list of transformer
;; definitions and a list of other expressions
(define (sort-exprs exprs)
  (let loop ([exprs exprs]
             [transformers null]
             [expressions null])
    (if (null? exprs)
        (values transformers expressions)
        (let ([stx (stx-car exprs)]
              [rest (stx-cdr exprs)])
           (local-expand stx 'module (kernel-form-identifier-list))
           [(define-syntaxes (id ...) body ...)
            (loop rest (cons stx transformers) expressions)]
           [(define-values (id ...) body ...)
            (loop rest transformers (cons stx expressions))])))))

The test harness:

(define-for-syntax exprs
  (list #'(define-syntax foo
            (syntax-rules ()
              [(foo x) (define x 1)]))
        #'(define (bar x)
          (+ x 1))))

(define-syntax (sort stx)
  (syntax-case stx ()
     (with-syntax ([(transformers expressions) (sort-exprs exprs)])
       (syntax (list (quote-syntax transformers)
                     (quote-syntax expressions))))]))

[Making local-expand more testable would also be nice.]


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