[plt-scheme] send-mail-message

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Wed Apr 22 13:18:21 EDT 2009

On Apr 22, 2009, at 9:52 AM, -gary- wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to Scheme and am trying to send an email as follows:
> (send-mail-message "test at test.com"
>                        "message-subject"
>                        ( "test at test.com" )
>                        '()
>                        '()
>                        ("test"))
> I am getting the following compiler error:
> "unbound identifier in module in: send-mail-message"
> Could anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I bet you're not familiar with PLT scheme's built-in documentation.   
Try hitting F1 when the cursor is over the send-mail-message  
identifier. Apologies if you've already read these docs.

I just checked myself, and it appears that you need to have this:

(require net/sendmail)

in your code in order to make this function available.

All the best,

John Clements

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