[plt-scheme] video editing and Scheme ..

From: Kumar (srikumarks at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 22 05:33:29 EDT 2009

Hi all,

This is only partially related to PLT, but is hopefully of interest to
a few even if it isn't.

My company makes an automatic video editing product called "muvee
Reveal" in which different visual styles (the sum of effects,
transitions and editing logic) are scripted in a dialect of Scheme.
We've now released an sdk for creating these styles as public beta to
gather feedback from media-savvy Scheme hackers (like us :P). Until
now, we've been the only ones to create these styles ... pretty much.

If that sounds interesting to you as a Schemer (I do hope it does),
please do give it a whirl and drop us some wisdom.
The sdk is up on googlecode at http://muvee-style-authoring.googlecode.com

PLT credits -

Though we don't embed the mzscheme runtime (for various historical,
legal and technical reasons), we recommend and use DrScheme as an
editor. The documentation, which is chock full of code, is formatted
using the scribble tool.

Principal Engineer, muvee Technologies Pte. Ltd.

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