[plt-scheme] continuation barrier

From: DTNOIZR (dtnoizerz58 at yandex.ru)
Date: Sat Apr 18 10:55:47 EDT 2009

I decided to make "community programming environment" with multiple accounts:
every user have individual list of functions, that allowed for him
and have personal sandbox evaluator
personal sandbox will restrict - which functions user can call (no difference, for programming or for use them as site parts)

"run entire servlet inside of the sandbox" - I dont like this idea
this mean that every account will have it's own servlet, and work without some restrictions
I think this is not what I need ...

(define make-personal-evaluator (lambda (e-mail)
  (define allowed (get-allowed-functions-list e-mail))
  (define m `(module m scheme
               (require (only-in "livecoding/all.ss" , at allowed))))
  (sandbox-security-guard (current-security-guard))
  (sandbox-make-code-inspector (let ([cci (current-code-inspector)])
                                 (lambda () cci)))
  (make-module-evaluator m)))

e-mail is account ...

> I don't think that's the right way to go. I think what Eli is
> suggesting is to run your entire servlet inside of the sandbox, so
> that there is no need to jump across the sandbox's barrier.

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