[plt-scheme] Typechecking command-line

From: Paulo J. Matos (pocmatos at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 7 13:51:10 EDT 2009

On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 11:05 PM, Sam TH <samth at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 8:44 PM, Paulo J. Matos <pocmatos at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Trying to typecheck a file containing a call to command line fails.
>> Here's a short version exemplifying the issue:
> This works now, provided that you annotate the binding instance of
> `filename' with an appropriate type:
> #:args #{filename : String}
> --
> sam th
> samth at ccs.neu.edu

Hi Sam,

>From SVN 14441 using this doesn't work:
#lang typed-scheme

(require scheme/cmdline)

;; Command Line Arguments Parsing
(: verbose-mode (Parameter Boolean))
(define verbose-mode (make-parameter #t))

(: optimize-level (Parameter Integer))
(define optimize-level (make-parameter 0))

(: model-checking-mode (Parameter Symbol))
(define model-checking-mode (make-parameter 'sat))

(: file-to-model-check String)
(define file-to-model-check
   #:program "eboc" ;; Should be name of executable
   [("-v" "--verbose") "Compile with verbose messages"
                       (verbose-mode #t)]
   [("-m" "--mode") #{mode : String}  "Mode to run the model checker
on (sat, satbin)"
                    (model-checking-mode (string->symbol mode))]
   [("-o" "--optimize-1") "Compile with optimization level 1"
                          (optimize-level 1)]
   ["--optimize-2"        (; show help on separate lines
                           "Compile with optimization level 2,"
                           "which includes all of level 1")
                          (optimize-level 2)]
   #:args #{filename : String} ; expect one command-line argument: <filename>
   ; return the argument as a filename to compile

I get:
typecheck: Polymorphic function parse-command-line could not be
applied to arguments:
Domain: (U String Path) (U (Vectorof String) (Listof String)) (Listof
(Pair (U 'once-each 'once-any 'multi 'final 'help-labels) (Listof
(Listof Any)))) (Any a ... a -> b) (Listof String)
Arguments: String (Vectorof String) (List (List 'once-each (List (List
String String) (Any -> Void) (Listof (List String))) (List (List
String String) (Any String -> Void) (Listof (U String (List
String))))) (List 'once-any (List (List String String) (Any -> Void)
(Listof (List String))) (List (List String) (Any -> Void) (Listof
(List String String))))) (Any String* -> (Listof String)) (List
Result type: b
Expected result: String
 in: (define file-to-model-check (command-line #:program "eboc"
#:once-each (("-v" "--verbose") "Compile with verbose messages"
(verbose-mode #t)) (("-m" "--mode") mode "Mode to run the model
checker on (sat, satbin)" (model-checking-mode (string->symbol mode)))
#:once-any (("-o" "--optimize-1") "Compile with optimization level 1"
(optimize-level 1)) ("--optimize-2" ("Compile with optimization level
2," "which includes all of level 1") (optimize-level 2)) #:args
filename filename))

Am I missing something?

Paulo Jorge Matos - pocmatos at gmail.com
Webpage: http://www.personal.soton.ac.uk/pocm

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