[plt-scheme] Twitter in PLT demo

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 6 17:56:37 EDT 2009

In honor of Twitter ditching Ruby, here's a quick demo of Twitter with
PLT (pronounced Pwitter)

wget http://faculty.cs.byu.edu/~jay/tmp/200904061550-pltwitter.tar.gz
tar xzvf 200904061550-pltwitter.tar.gz
cd pltwitter
mzscheme -t run.ss

I've tried to be very simple and streamlined, so it doesn't do
following or authentication. But it demos good uses of dispatch and

Code breakdown:

      82 main.ss
      35 static/script.js
      68 static/style.css
      10 templates/error.html
       8 templates/footer.html
      13 templates/header.html
      13 templates/home.html
       9 templates/update.html
      14 templates/user.html
     252 total


p.s. Go to http://localhost:8000/register (with no queries) to see the
fail whale.

Jay McCarthy <jay at cs.byu.edu>
Assistant Professor / Brigham Young University

"The glory of God is Intelligence" - D&C 93

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