[plt-scheme] question from a newbie regarding the import of a library

From: Jon Loldrup (loldrup at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Apr 5 16:21:43 EDT 2009

> To say that the book does not mention the definition of fail and succeed is
> clearly incorrect.

Yep, I know they are in the beginning of the book, I was thinking of the
code on page 160 and 161. They aren't there, but #s and #u are.

Maybe this question is a bit philosophical and maybe I should just read the
book and then ask more questions (if still needed) : Is "the meaning" a part
of the programming language, or is it our human interpretation of specific
structures of the language?

I think I will get a better holistic understanding of it all by simply
reading the book. So thats what I will do. Thanks to all of you for your
help in getting my DrScheme to work with Minikanren!

Jon Loldrup
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