[plt-scheme] How to remap keybinding "(c:j)" from "newline" to "newline-and-indent"?

From: Benjamin L.Russell (DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Apr 1 06:07:44 EDT 2009

While editing a file in the Definitions panel in DrScheme, version
4.1.5 [3m], english, I discovered that the keybinding for "C-j" (in
Emacs-style notation, the control key held while the 'j' key is
pressed) did not indent the following line, but merely created a

Previously, in order to activate Emacs-style keybindings, I had
navigated to the "Edit -> Preferences" menu item -> "Editing ->
General" tab, and unchecked "Enable keybindings in menus."  This
allowed many Emacs-style keybindings to override the keybindings
normally set in the menus in DrScheme.  However, this particular
keybinding had apparently been mapped to just "newline", instead of to

According to the "Edit -> Keybindings -> Show Active Keybindings" menu
item, indeed, the keybinding "(c:j)" (in DrScheme-style notation,
again, the control key held while the 'j' key is pressed) was, by
default, mapped to "newline" instead of "newline-and-indent", unlike
in Emacs.

Navigating to the "Edit -> Keybindings -> Add User-defined Keybindings
..." menu item displayed a file navigator dialog box prompting to
select a file.

Mystified, in order to figure out how to override the above-mentioned
keybinding, I then went to the "Help -> Help Desk" menu item, and
found a very cryptic entry for "keymap:add-user-keybindings-file
provided from framework" (see
but was unable to figure out exactly what sequence of commands to use
to override this keybinding.

Then, I search using Google with the keywords "DrScheme
"keybindings"", and found a reference to "PLT Scheme Blog: Adjusting
DrScheme's Keybindings" (see
which in turn provided a reference to "Scheme from the Florida Keys:
Keybinding in DrScheme Explained" (see

According to this blog, in DrScheme, version 369.100-svn5may2007 [3m],
it is possible to create a single file, say, mykeys.ss, containing
keybindings using the special keybindings language, (lib
"keybinding-lang.ss" "framework"), in which, to override a single
keybinding, an incantation similar to the following is used:

(module mykeys (lib "keybinding-lang.ss" "framework") (require (lib
"tool-lib.ss" "drscheme")) (keybinding keybinding-string-expr

in which the "keybinding-string-expr" and the "keybinding-proc-expr"
expressions are to be substituted with appropriate definitions for the
overriding keybindings.

Based on the information in the blog, I constructed the following
mykeys.ss file:

(module mykeys
(lib "keybinding-lang.ss" "framework")

; Adds DrScheme Specific functions to the
; available functions we can bind to.
(require (lib "tool-lib.ss" "drscheme"))

(keybinding "c:j"
(lambda (editor event)

However, loading it into the "Edit -> Keybindings -> Add User-defined
Keybindings ..." menu item resulted in the following error message:

Error when installing the keybindings C:\Documents and
Settings\Benjamin\My Documents\DrScheme\User-defined

C:\Documents and Settings\Benjamin\My Documents\DrScheme\User-defined
Keybindings\mykeys.ss:12:5: compile: unbound identifier in module in:

But "tabify-at-caret" is a legal command listed in both the list
displayed by the "Edit -> Keybindings -> Show Active Keybindings" menu
item and the above-mentioned blog entry!

How should I rewrite the code for mykeys.ss file to remap the
keybinding "(c:j)" from "newline" to "newline-and-indent", as in

-- Benjamin L. Russell
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