[plt-scheme] [Scheme Steering Committee announcements] Scheme Language Steering Committee election: preliminary announcement

From: Mitchell Wand (wand at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 24 01:16:44 EDT 2008

The current Scheme Language Steering Committee was appointed in
January, 2004.  We have seen the Scheme Standardization process, as
envisioned in the charter from November, 2003, through to the ratification
of the R6RS in 2007.

We believe that the R6RS is not the end of the Scheme language
standardization process, and that the Scheme language must continue to

However, it was never our intention to be "Scheme Czars for Life."  It is
time to turn the process over to other hands, so that the Scheme
language will remain alive and healthy for years to come.

The Scheme Standardization Charter says, "The Steering Committee
itself shall establish procedures for replacing its members."  It is
therefore our intention to hold an election to replace ourselves.

Our plan is to publish a detailed plan and have a period for comments
on the plan, as we did for the ratification process.

I announced this at the Scheme Workshop in Victoria, British
Columbia on 9/20/08, so I am announcing it to this list now.  We still
have a few details to iron out (and I'm travelling for the next
several weeks), so I expect the draft plan and official opening of the
comment period to take place sometime in October.

The mailing list r6rs-discuss at lists.r6rs.org is open now for discussion on
this topic.

For Alan and Guy,
--Mitch Wand
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