[plt-scheme] Strange

From: hufflen at lifc.univ-fcomte.fr (hufflen at lifc.univ-fcomte.fr)
Date: Fri Sep 19 19:09:45 EDT 2008

   Hello, PLT Schemers,

   I noticed soemthing strange in PLT 4.0.2 and 4.1 when using the #!r6rs

(write #\x) displays #\alarm

   Is there an explanation of that, please?

   On another point, there is a strange bug.  If you write something like:

(write '(1 . 2 . 3))

that causes an error, of course.  But after the evaluation of an #!r6rs
program, if I type:

'(1 . 2 . 3)
in the interactions' window, the result is (2 1 3).



J.-M. H.

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