[plt-scheme] Load times

From: Corey Sweeney (corey.sweeney at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Sep 18 15:42:04 EDT 2008

I've been experiencing worse and worse load times, as I write more and
more libraries.  Many of my programs are supposed to run for a second,
then quit, so the load times are significant.  I've been running some
compilation and modularization expirments, and havn't had much luck.
If I understand correctly, compiling with "mzc" does not make a
"static" binary, so when the code is run, all the functions that in
the libraries that aren't used by the application are still loaded.

Are there any recomendations for reducing load times?  Is there any
way to strip out unused functions?


((lambda (y) (y y)) (lambda (y) (y y)))

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