[plt-scheme] fluxus 0.15

From: Dave Griffiths (dave at pawfal.org)
Date: Thu Sep 18 06:05:39 EDT 2008

Fluxus is an environment for livecoding and rapid prototyping of visible
and audible worlds - games, realtime graphics and reactive audio. Fluxus
builds on Linux and OSX.


This release introduces some big new components, and the usual load of
fixes, features and improvements.

* Fluxa - audio synthesis designed for functional programming and livecoding
* Frisbee - an experimental game engine based on PLT's FrTime language
* Midi support
* Support for PLT 4.x
* Multiple camera/view rendering
* Raytracing for collision detection and polygon sampling
* Improved procedural texture operations
* More methods for polygon evaluation
* Lots of optimisations, fixes and other additions
* New examples and documentation

This build will also be availible on the upcoming release of pure:dyne, a
live disk linux distribution of free audio/visual software:

Happy livecoding...

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