[plt-scheme] Steal your face Scheme T-shirts

From: wayne iba (iba at westmont.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 14 18:40:06 EDT 2008

I was planning to print up a set of T-shirts with the steal your face
plt-scheme logo.  Mostly, I wanted a few for myself, but since the
printers have a minimum order, I was going to use some extras as prizes
for the top scores on exams or some such nonsense.  So while I'm at it,
I thought I would check in with you'all to see if anyone here would be
interested.  (I'm only sampling interest -- I'll send out the actual
design and final price with shipping later if there is interest.)

On a related note, I'm wondering about letting the logo speak for
itself, simply put "DrScheme" under the logo, or have some other text
printed.  If something else, what would you suggest?  A Grateful Dead
pun would be ideal, but nothing has come to mind yet.


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