[plt-scheme] Tables in Scribblings

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Sep 11 16:41:16 EDT 2008

On Sep 11, Doug Williams wrote:
> Thanks, Matthew.  One more scribble question.
> In the table I need an atsign as in entry (in teletype font).  As
> part of a cell I have '(make-flow (list (make-paragraph (list
> @tt{at}))))' and I'd like to have an atsign (@) appear in place of
> the 'at'.  I've tried @ by itself, \@, |@|, etc, but without any
> luck.  How do I correctly escape the atsign in this case?

You can always use a Scheme string escape:


But another option is the laternative syntax for the open/close


Using |{ to open the body means that only }| will be recognized as
closing the body, and commands inside should start with |@.  If that's
not enough, you can add stuff between the | and {.  For example, the
scribble syntax documentation (collects/scribblings/scribble/
reader.scrbl) has things like this:

  @foo{bar baz
  @foo{bar @baz[3]
  @foo{bar @baz{3}
  @foo{bar @baz[2 3]{4 5}

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