[plt-scheme] Can you study HTDP to satisfy the goal to learn Functional Programming?

From: Grant Rettke (grettke at acm.org)
Date: Tue Sep 9 11:47:23 EDT 2008


While talking with one of my friends who is studying Haskell as his
first FP, I told him that while I had learned Scheme the language, and
feel like I factually understand what FP is about, I haven't
internalized the "FP way of thinking". What I mean by this is that at
my day job, I use object oriented (OO) languages, and I factually
understand the approach,  but I've also internalized (and mixed it
with my experience) to form my personal philosophy and vision of "how
to do it". I haven't go that with FP, and I want to get it.

Since HTDP is %75 pure FP, is that a good place to start? Having read
50 pages or so into it, I feel like the data-driven approach makes

Not trying to make something out of nothing here, but I think there is
more to programming approaches and philosophies regarding FP than just
reading a bit about it and writing some functions.

All thoughts welcome.

Best wishes,


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