[plt-scheme] Simple IDE questions: multi-file projects

From: Eric Tanter (etanter at dcc.uchile.cl)
Date: Mon Sep 8 13:06:42 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I've seen the documentation about debugging multiple files in the  
DrScheme documentation, however it does not work in my case, and I  
have no clue what I'm missing.

The documentation says:
"To debug a program that spans several files, make sure that all of  
the files are open in DrScheme. Click the Debug button in the window  
containing the main program. As this program loads additional files  
that are present in other windows or tabs, message boxes will pop up  
asking whether or not to include the file in the debugging session.  
Including the file means that it will be possible to set breakpoints,  
inspect variables, and single-step in that file."

I have a multi-file project, all files open, I debug one of the test  
file (examples.scm) that starts by loading other files:

(load "ds-fp.scm")
(load "test.scm")
(load "macros.scm")

(test ...)
(test ...)

But no message boxes pop up asking for anything -- so the debug  
session only works within the main file (which in my case is useless).

Any idea on what I might be doing wrong here?


On another note, I find multiple file project development a bit below  
expectations (from someone coming from full-fledged IDEs of strange  
languages like Java). Isn't there a way to have a tree like pan on the  
right-hand side of the window with files as nodes with functions as  
subnodes? something like:

   |- do-this
   |- do-that
   |- t1
   |- t2

If it's not available, any plans of making it? In the current state of  
affairs, the list of functions in the top right is fine, but for  
multiple files, that's not really useful. Also, how do I do a search/ 
replace between different files?

Thanks in advance,

-- Éric

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