[plt-scheme] What about "The Little Schemer"?

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sun Sep 7 21:10:54 EDT 2008

Sorry, but a disagree on that.
TLS is far from easy. TLL or TLS teaches an important idea of a mathematical 
nature: RECURSION (and a little bit of FP). Its primary goal is not to teach 
programming. See the foreword of TLS. Yet for some students (like I was long 
ago and still am) TLS can be a very stimulating book opening far horizons 
and thus helping improve already acquired programming skills.
This is not to say that HtDP is easy, but as it is more focussed on 
discipline and practical, attractive real life like problems, it may be more 
adequate for with more interest in practical problems than in mathematical 
mho, jos

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> HTDP is the "extended version" of TLS :)
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