[plt-scheme] Re: Scheme sources readability

From: kbohdan at mail.ru (kbohdan at mail.ru)
Date: Sun Sep 7 14:08:18 EDT 2008

Jens Axel Soegaard wrote:
> kbohdan at mail.ru wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Probably not PLT specific, but hope not too OT:
>> After many years of programming i found new-old
>> scheme world very fascinating. One thing i still
>> do not like here is source code readability.
>> What about docstrings, 
> Used in Common Lisp.

Why not in scheme ?

>> design patterns (like GoF),
> One man's design pattern is another man's macro.

Then what about "scheme specific design patterns" book gathering
successful higher-order macro programming practice or at least ideas like:
    - DSLs (ex: define-type, type-case from PLAI)
    - monads
    - coroutines
    - pattern matching
    - parser combinators

Or ... should is grok whole http://readscheme.org to become
good in scheme theory ? :)

> See Norvig's survey:
> http://norvig.com/design-patterns/

Great link! Thanks.

>> coding conventions. Are those non-applicable to scheme ?
> Mu.
>> Or scheme evolution is still on its early stages ?
> Scheme is a new programming language from the seventies,
> so it is really to early to say (whether the evolution is in
> it early stages or not).
> If I were forced to answer, I'd say yes. But then again, I'd say
> that about legacy(*) languages too.
> (*) legacy language: Language without closures, proper tail recursion 
> and call/cc.


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