[plt-scheme] planet: help submitting bugs & a question

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Sep 2 09:28:12 EDT 2008

An animated paperclip in DrScheme asking if you want to submit that info 
would probably not go over well either. :)

If there were a way to periodically have the documentation browser add 
an unobtrusive banner or sidebar box to the page, suggesting click here 
to inspect&submit the info", that might work.  I think people would be 
more tolerant of this than of popup or fringe bar appearing in the 
DrScheme interface while they're trying to work.

Or, if email sending from tools works, DrScheme could periodically send 
email to its user, providing a button to click to inspect&submit the 
info to submit.  This emailling by tools used to be used to some good 
effect on Unix workstations, but email no longer works as well as it 
used to, so I like the idea of adding to the documentation browser better.

Robby Findler wrote at 09/02/2008 09:16 AM:
> One could imagine a command "planet send-collected-info" or somesuch,
> but I suspect that that would not get used much.

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