[plt-scheme] convenience for removing planet development links

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Sep 1 07:47:04 EDT 2008


--- README.txt ---

====== AUTOPLANET ======

by Dave Gurnell (dave at untyped dot com)

This command line utility helps manage development links for PLaneT packages.

Here's how you use it:

  1. copy autoplanet.ss to ~/bin;

  2. edit the first line to point to your MzScheme installation;

  3. create a directory somewhere called something like "planetdev";

  4. populate this directory with suubdirectories for each development link you
     want to maintain, for example:


     (each directory has to be of the format owner/package.plt/major/minor)

  5. run "autoplanet.ss planetdev" on the command line.

Autoplanet will synchronize your PLaneT development links to the packages
found in the planetdev directory. It will ask you to confirm the changes
before it does anything.

If you don't want to type in the name of "planetdev" all the time, you can
set the $AUTOPLANET environment variable instead.


--- autoplanet.ss ---

#lang scheme/base

(require scheme/match

; Regular expressions --------------------------

(define owner-regexp #rx"^[a-z]+$")
(define package-regexp #rx"^[a-z-]+[.]plt$")
(define major-regexp #rx"^[0-9]+$")
(define minor-regexp #rx"^[0-9]+$")

; Utility procedures ---------------------------

;; system/output : string string ... -> string
;; Executes a shell command and returns the content of standard out.
;; Raises exn:fail if the command had a non-zero exit status.
;(define (system/output cmd . args)
;  (define output (open-output-string))
;  (parameterize ([current-output-port output])
;    (if (apply system* cmd args)
;        (begin0 (get-output-string output)
;                (close-output-port output))
;        (begin (close-output-port output)
;               (error "Command failed" cmd args)))))

;; accumulate-directories : complete-path (listof string) integer ->
(list-of (listof string))
(define (accumulate-directories root relative depth)
  (define current (apply build-path root relative))
  (cond [(not (directory-exists? current))
         (error "Path is not a directory" current)]
        [(zero? depth)
         (list relative)]
        [else (fold (match-lambda*
                      [(list (app path->string path) accum)
                       `(, at accum ,@(accumulate-directories root
`(, at relative ,path) (sub1 depth)))])
                    (directory-list current))]))

;; directory->add-arguments : path (list string string string string)
-> (list path string string null integer integer)
(define directory->add-arguments
    [(list root (list owner package major minor))
     (cond [(not (regexp-match owner-regexp owner))
            (error "Bad owner name in directory" owner package major minor)]
           [(not (regexp-match package-regexp package))
            (error "Bad package name in directory" owner package major minor)]
           [(not (regexp-match major-regexp major))
            (error "Bad major version number in directory" owner
package major minor)]
           [(not (regexp-match minor-regexp minor))
            (error "Bad minor version number in directory" owner
package major minor)]
           [else (list owner
                       (string->number major)
                       (string->number minor)
                       (build-path root owner package major minor))])]))

;; hard-link-spec->remove-arguments : (list path string string null
integer integer) -> (list string string integer integer)
(define hard-link-spec->remove-arguments
    [(list _ owner package _ major minor)
     (list owner package major minor)]))

;; string string integer integer -> void
(define (remove-hard-link* . args)
  (with-handlers ([exn? void])
    (apply remove-hard-link args)))

; Main -----------------------------------------

; argv : (vectorof string)
(define argv

; root : complete-path
(define root
  (cond [(not (zero? (vector-length argv)))
         (path->complete-path (build-path (vector-ref argv 0)))]
        [(getenv "AUTOPLANET")
         (path->complete-path (build-path (getenv "AUTOPLANET")))]
        [else (error "Please specify the root directory you wish to scan.")]))

(unless (directory-exists? root)
  (error "The root you specified is not a directory:" (path->string root)))

;; remove-arguments : (listof (list string string integer integer))
(define remove-arguments
  (map hard-link-spec->remove-arguments

;; add-arguments : (listof (list string string integer integer path))
(define add-arguments
  (map (cut directory->add-arguments root <>)
       (accumulate-directories root null 4)))

(printf "===== AUTOPLANET =====~n")

(printf "~nThe following development links will be removed:~n")
(for-each (cut printf "    ~s~n" <>) remove-arguments)

(printf "~nThe following development links will be added:~n")
(for-each (cut printf "    ~s~n" <>) add-arguments)

(printf "~nProceed [y/n]? ")

(if (member (read-line) '("y" "yes" "Y" "YES" "Yes"))
    (begin (for-each (cut apply remove-hard-link* <>) remove-arguments)
           (for-each (cut apply add-hard-link <>) add-arguments)
           (printf "Done~n"))
    (begin (printf "Cancelled~n")))


On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 12:14 PM, Noel Welsh <noelwelsh at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 10:54 AM, Neil Van Dyke <neil at neilvandyke.org> wrote:
>> Does anyone already have a convenience for removing PLaneT development links
>> to versions that are available in the PLaneT repository?
> Attached might help.  We shou.ld probably release it.
> N.

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