[plt-scheme] plt-web-server configuration

From: Matt Jadud (jadudm at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Oct 26 15:02:52 EDT 2008

On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 1:10 PM, Marek Kubica <marek at xivilization.net> wrote:
> sites which have more elaborate control-flow. But thats too much for me
> at the moment - it seems too compilcated to write a dispatcher that
> dispatches urls to files[1] containing the servlets when the normal web
> server does exactly that. The only problem with the server is, that I
> seem to be unable to l

Hi Marek,

About two months ago, I wanted a quick little RESTful server for a
hack project. I have programmed against the PLT server in the past,
and had not yet used the Untyped "dispatch" library.

I created a dispatcher with one dispatch branch, wrote the function
that corresponded to it, and was done. The only trouble I had was when
I decided not to follow the example in the documentation, and did
something I thought would work. Then, I realized that the example is
actually minimal and clean---it does the right thing.

I don't mean to start some kind of A vs. B discussion here, but I did
want to challenge your notion that dispatch.plt is only for large
sites. It made writing a small, simple RESTful servlet an easy thing.

Your mileage may vary, not a lawyer, etc.


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