[plt-scheme] plt-web-server configuration

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Oct 26 08:02:13 EDT 2008

On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 10:21 AM, Marek Kubica <marek at xivilization.net> wrote:
> Ok, I tried it, but as far as I see it is meant to serve single
> servlets in an easy way. What I want is basically the same as what
> plt-web-server does, serving all servlets (and htdocs etc.) from some
> web-root.

When creating instaweb we had to choose between supporting a single
servlet or many servlets.  We realised that anything that we could do
with multiple servlets we could do just as easily with a single
servlet (since a servlet is just a function and it easy to write a
function that chooses other functions based on some property (e.g.
URL)) and supporting only a single servlet made instaweb much easier
to write.  So to solve your problem I would write some master
"dispatch" servlet that calls all your current servlet based on URL.
We have written another library, dispatch.plt, for just this purpose.


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