[plt-scheme] Re: Scheme workshop survey

From: Alan Watson (alan at alan-watson.org)
Date: Sat Oct 18 23:40:02 EDT 2008

I think what you're saying is that you arrange that print and the REPL  
print "(list a b c)" when handed (car ...), thereby unifying external  
representations and expressions. Yeah, that is smart, very smart.

Still, and bear with me here because I'm not trying to be obtuse just  
for the sake of it, I am still not sure that the "value" of  
"(car ...)" is "(list a b c)". Again, it seems that that's an external  
representation of the required value or an expression that evaluates  
to a value that is equal? to the required value. Frankly, it seems  
that the question as posed is not answerable. If it were "what is the  
external representation of the value of (car ...)" or "give a  
different expression which gives a value that is equal? to (car ...)",  
then your answers would be great.

Robby, falling trees and other side effects appear to be forbidden in  
the Beginning Student language.


Alan Watson

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