[plt-scheme] Re: Scheme workshop survey

From: Alan Watson (alan at alan-watson.org)
Date: Sat Oct 18 22:07:16 EDT 2008

First, Eli, I did not mention the printed representation of anything,  
so I fail to see how I could be confusing it with the value of the  
expression in hand. Furthermore, replacing a Scheme expression that  
produces a value with a C expression that produces a value does not  
really more us forward; both are expressions and neither are values.

Second, Matthias, the value of (car ...) is most certainly not '(...),  
although both are expressions that give the same value (where same  
means the same according to equal? or according to write) but not  
according to the poxy side-effect-ridden semantics of Scheme.

Third, Sri, yes, that car don't run, but I program in Scheme to avoid  
bus errors, not car errors.

Fourth, Matthew, yes, we will take this to comp.lang.scheme.

Finally, Matthias again, is PLT just a cunning plan to cripple the  
next generation of programmers in the US? That is, and here I am  
serious, if Wadler is right and Scheme hopelessly confuses beginning  
programmers, why did you decide to teach programming using Scheme?


Alan Watson

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