[plt-scheme] Re: modules 4 newbies

From: Raoul Duke (raould at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 16 22:54:14 EDT 2008


thanks to you all for your notes!

but, ok, it still seems to me to be designed to confused newbies :-)

(0) if the newbie starts with the "in pictures" docs and goes through
all of them from start to finish, then they might not get screwed up.

otherwise, the main things which confused me are: (A) "(module..." vs.
"#lang" and (B) when using #lang, how to 'name' the module. i think it
is easy for a newbie to get confused about it all because:

(1) seems most intros start the newbie off with "#lang" which is
incompatible with the "(module..." way.

(2) but the 'real' plt scheme docs talk about using "(module..." still
and don't mention how "#lang" factors into that.

maybe if somebody could update the plt docs to cross-reference from
module to notes about "#lang" such as
that would probably be good for newbies?

tho i'd say that even that isn't complete since it doesn't explicitly
say what the name of the module is in the latter case, whereas it is
explicitly typed in by the developer when they use the "(module..."
form. i assume that the name of the module via the "#lang" approach is
whatever the name of the file it is saved in happens to be, minus the
extension (and ignoring issues of path depth).

(and then there's the further thing about what the search paths are
for libraries, which is a usability thing in my mind, but that's
another story.)


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