[plt-scheme] Re: Warnings from macros?

From: kbohdan at mail.ru (kbohdan at mail.ru)
Date: Thu Oct 16 03:23:43 EDT 2008

Robby Findler wrote:
> Another thing you can do is create a syntax exception with multiple
> source locations and raise it, if you want to insist that there not be
> any ambiguities, but also want to signal them all at once.

Have related question: How to emit output identical to multiple syntax 
exceptions? I mean multiple messages each with nice red buttons (in 
DrScheme) to display related source code. This can be very useful to 
show multiple failed test cases or multiple grammar ambiguities in 
original question.
BTW is it possible in DrScheme to show warning messages with buttons 
similar to ones in error messages ?


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