[plt-scheme] Linking Minikanren for The Reasoned Schemer in Mzscheme

From: n n (thule124 at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Oct 14 21:50:47 EDT 2008

Hello --

I think this is not a smart question, and I apologise; but it seems for me all the hard problems are either undecidable or involve linking...

I recently discovered The Reasoned Schemer, and have been trying to follow it in mzscheme.  I am quite new to the PLT implementation, and I seem to be having trouble getting the REPL to process the minikanren code, and then mine subsequently.  At the moment, I am doing something like this:

(using the Windows brand operating system from Microsoft Corporation)

C:\download\ss> "c:\program files\plt\mzscheme.exe"
;;;(mzscheme turn on)
>(enter! "minikanren.ss")        ;;; minikanren code in the local directory, copied from the world wide web 
;;; now I have no trouble running unification style queries like (run #f (q) (== q 5))
>(enter! "reasonedschemer.ss")   ;;;my implementations of the book's definitions
;;; I get this error message: 
;;; reasonedschemer.ss:6:28: compile: unbound variable in module in: fresh

Apparently my reasonedschemer.ss file is not seeing the definitions available to me on the REPL.  I have tried various combinations of (require ...) but am not sure if my local paths are causing problems with this.  I have also tried simply appending my own definitions to minikanren.ss, but this also seemed to cause problems whose nature were quite obscure to me.  I have been able to implement up to Ch. 4 from the REPL, but I would like to use the Notepad brand integrated development environment instead, if possible.  Is there a preferred way to load minikanren once and and then be able to use (enter! ...) to update my own definitions from the file as I change them?  If I recall, this was roughly how I did the other Lisper series books.

Thank you very much!

PS: I apologise if this may produce a double posting; embarrassingly I cannot even claim to be bad with the world wide web, since this is just email..

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