Google Android (Was: [plt-scheme] ARM support)

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at
Date: Mon Oct 13 04:56:38 EDT 2008

"The dx tool lets you generate Android bytecode from .class files. The
tool converts target files and/or directories to Dalvik executable
format (.dex) files, so that they can run in the Android environment.
It can also dump the class files in a human-readable format and run a
target unit test. You can get the usage and options for this tool by
using dx -help."

Clojure compiles on-the-fly but I don't think it would be too hard to
get it to output the bytecode it generates.

That said I don't think Clojure is a great language for a mobile
phone.  I don't think concurrency is such an issue for a phone app,
and I expect Clojure's model is, by default, a bit inefficient (= more
power consumption).  Also, its macro system is weak sauce.


On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 2:16 AM, Henk Boom <henk at> wrote:
> 2008/10/12 Martin DeMello <martindemello at>:
>> If you want a nice Schemelike JVM language with decent performance,
>> Clojure comes closer than Scala does.
> Clojure's neat =). Re: Android though, last I heard Clojure compiles
> directly to JVM bytecode, which (I hear) is incompatible with Android
> bytecode, so there would probably be significant porting efforts
> needed there as well.
>    Henk

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