[plt-scheme] If expressions in Embedded PLT Scheme

From: Samuel Rebelsky (rebelsky at grinnell.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 8 12:47:22 EDT 2008

I am embedding MzScheme/PLT Scheme in a program.

In MzScheme (v372 is the one I had been using), it was permissible to  
write if expressions without an alternate, as in

   (if (> x 1) (display x))

When I embed the new PLT Scheme (v401, I think), for the same  
expression, I get an error message that it 'must have an "else"  

R6RS seems to suggest that the no-alternate form is still valid


Is there a way to turn off the "require alternate" behavior in  
embedded PLT Scheme?


-- Sam Rebelsky

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