[plt-scheme] Re: When does eqv? differ from eq? , from equal?

From: kbohdan at mail.ru (kbohdan at mail.ru)
Date: Tue Oct 7 16:17:57 EDT 2008

Greg Woodhouse wrote:
 > What bothers me is that professional developers focus so much on tools
 > and languages without really thinking critically about the problems they
 > are trying to solve. I work on message based interfaces between
 > healthcare applications (mostly on the Java side), and it's awfully
 > difficult to get people to think in terms of, say, the contract a
 > service provider needs to support.

Amount of pending complex projects in world constantly grows
and AFAIK only lisp/scheme based approaches offer simple/clean solutions.
Ex: DSL interpreter/compiler implementation in scheme is a piece of cake
comparing to the traditional approaches (flex/bison, ANTLR, XML etc.).
Here is a link to the basic idea:
  Scheme is not only good in explaining programming to students, but
it also has HUGE practical value. Programmers in our company were
poisoned by SICP and we already (6 monthes after) have 2 projects using
lisp/scheme for DSL support and this is only the begining ...
  Other application area of scheme is modern Web Ajax programming. In
this case you can write scheme->javascript compiler and use single
programming language for both client&server sides and even for HTML/XML
resources. This approach is a magnitude more efficient comparing to the
current MS/Adobe approaches.
  I can continue this list, but a lot of experienced schemers here
can say much more than newbie like me :)


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