[plt-scheme] Re: apply vs dot notation syntax

From: kbohdan at mail.ru (kbohdan at mail.ru)
Date: Sun Oct 5 11:41:19 EDT 2008

Jos Koot wrote:
> The following holds for PLT Scheme:
> When reading data procedure <read> is responsible.
> When reading code, the dot notation is preserved by read-syntax. In this 
> case the designer of the transformers is responsible.

> (f a b *: (g c d)). I don't understand this.
> What does *: do?
> Please explain in terms of regular scheme how(f a b *: (g c d)) should 
 > be expanded.

Oops, flying too high, sorry.
The same as (f a b . (g c d)) before, but using "*:" keyword instead of 
".". In terms of regular scheme:

(f a b *: (g c d)) -> (apply f a b (g c d))

Just syntax proposal instead of standard (apply ...).


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