[plt-scheme] Scheme Programming Question (Making an error message)

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Sun Oct 5 10:26:58 EDT 2008


You're wasting your effort in the wrong place.  This person (or a
classmate of theirs, "Scholar") has already posted the question to


Cramster says:

  No one has answered this question yet.
  Be the first to answer. Earn up to 13 karma points.

But even better:

  Bonus Point Alert! Earn +4 *additional* karma points for helping
  this annual member.

Why are you answering questions on plt-scheme, when you could be
preparing for the afterlife?


PS: What I'd really like to know is what crackpot professor put out
    a question like this.  Any ideas?

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