[plt-scheme] vi mode and editor questions

From: Jon Rafkind (workmin at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Nov 22 16:10:43 EST 2008

I have just put a vi-mode drscheme interface package on planet: 

It doesn't do too much yet but it does have some basic commands. The 
only way to disable it is to uninstall it or hack the source, so be 
careful if you install it.

I have a few questions about extending drscheme related to this:
1. I overrode the on-char and on-default-char methods of the editor. Is 
that too low level?

2. I would like to capture the control key for ctrl-d and whatnot but 
most ctrl-# key bindings do something in drscheme and when ctrl-# keys 
that aren't bound in drscheme don't seem to make their way to my editor.

3. How can I display stuff on the bottom border of drscheme? The same 
border that has the line:column information on it.

4. How do I add a menu item? I want something like Vi -> Enable / Disable.

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