[plt-scheme] IE Warnings

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Jun 26 13:59:34 EDT 2008

(This is in case there's anyone that has a good solution to this

When you view local files with scripts, you get IE to show the warning
bar, which you must use to enable javascript.  This is a problem that
affects practically all pages, since they all have some JS.

(Quick poll: is there anyone that has this problem (and is annoyed by

The only solution I've seen is to add a "mark of the web" (MOTW),
which is a comment the tells IE to pretend that the page is on a
different security zone.  It looks like this:

  <!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->

(This was, of course, very hard to get to work: nobody thought that
it's good to mention that the comment must end the line, and its line
must have a CRLF...)

Anyway, adding this mark works, but if you try it you'll see that
links stop working.  The thing is that the above mark switches IE to
the "internet" zone, and since that is lower on the hierarchy than
local files, `file://' links will just not work.  IIRC, the local
files belong to the "my computer" zone which is higher on the zone
hierarchy, but it's still more restricted because of MS's "local
machine zone lockdown"...  As a complement this logical set of
decisions, the non-functional links are just not working when you
click them -- no dialog, no information bar, no beeps, not even the
small "!" icon at the bottom.  Nothing.

The "obvious" solution to this is to add the MOTW to *all* pages.
However, there are some links to non-html pages (like in the release
notes).  In these cases there is no place to add the mark, and
(AFAICT) no way to make this work.  This makes the MOTW solution
impractical, since the links are just not responding.  (If they'd only
have some warning message that would be fine...)

Anyway, I don't see any reasonable options left.  Unreasonable options

- recommending against using IE (or Windows...);

- recommending viewing the manuals on-line when possible;

- making the PLT installer flip the bit that avoids the problem
  (personally, I'd be pissed if some installer did this behind my

- use an obnoxious .hta wrapper around the manuals;

- tell people to live with it or disable it themselves (which is
  effectively the current situation without the "tell" part).

I've been banging my head against this stupidity for too many hours.
If anyone has an advice, I'll appreciate it.

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