[plt-scheme] Re: R6RS Interoperability

From: Tom Gordon (tom.gordon at mac.com)
Date: Thu Jun 26 05:56:53 EDT 2008

Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ...> writes:

> We are about to formulate a request for funding for just such  
> activities.
> People's input and support letters are highly welcome. -- Matthias

I  guess I was hoping there would be a quick and easy solution.  But if
 you need funding for a project to solve this problem, its obviously
 less than trivial.  I'm glad to hear you plan to address this.

 In the meantime, I wonder whether it wouldn't be preferable to make all
 pairs and lists immutable, also in R6RS code.   This wouldn't seem to
 make PLT an incorrect implementation of R6RS, only a little bit
 incomplete, by not yet supporting one of the standard libraries, (rnrs

 I'd much prefer to do without (rnrs mutable-pairs) than have it at the
 cost of not being interoperable with PLT libraries.

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