[plt-scheme] Inadequate indentation facility in MrEd/DrScheme

From: James Russell (j.russell at alum.mit.edu)
Date: Wed Jun 18 22:58:33 EDT 2008

Are there any plans to overhaul the built-in indentation facility in
MrEd/DrScheme, perhaps providing more flexible customization

At this point it seems manifestly inadequate, in that there is no way
to make it correctly indent what are now standard syntactic forms,
like (the immensely cool) 'for/fold'; where 'correctly' is defined
either by 'how it's done in the manual', or 'what a lisp person might

The situation is, of course, just as bad for any macros that I might
care to define that don't fit the begin/define/lambda indentation

And, yes, I can just use emacs, but that's not really the point.

-James Russell

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